The Legends 500 Series

Superior performance and meticulous heavy-duty build place our 500 series modules in a league of their own. Check out the Legends 500 Series and you’ll find uncompromised build quality and sonic performance that stands above in the crowded 500 series space!

9762A Mic Preamp



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PEQ-1549 Equalizer



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UX410 Rack System



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The Legends 500 Series

Boutique Hand Built Gear for Professional Recording

What Our Customers Say

The PEQ1549 is probably the most universal 500 EQ available with seventeen manual settings and an out-of-competition sound. The 35kHz Air mode is the most extraordinary range.

–Peter Neuber, Germany,

“The RTZ 9762A preamps have become my most used preamps in a studio full of 80+ diverse, vintage, and modern options. It has a very detailed but not harsh top, with a clear and full bottom without mud, the 9762a stacks up very favorably (most often being the better choice) against many options costing 4 and 5 times more. The mids from your mic choices are really neutral giving the listener that “in the room” craving, that I myself, am always trying to achieve in my productions.”

–Randy Kohrs, Nashville,