About Us

RTZ Professional Audio began in the mid 90’s developing upgrade electronics for Ampex MM1200 and AG440 machines. The initial products were new reproduce and record cards for the AG440 machines. Later these were tweaked for use in the MM1200 multitrack machines. The RTZ repro cards are highly prized for their improved audio response and sound – most are still in use today. 

We then offered our first Neve style microphone preamplifier – the 9762 Dual Combo. The 9762 was our first production unit and highly acclaimed with a more open sound. The success of the 9762 grew our customer base with units across the US and a some abroad.  In recent years we’ve moved to the 500 series format and now sell direct to offer the best gear possible at a competitive price.

Thank you for your interest in our gear and thanks for visiting our web site!