DO NOT USE REGISTER.COM or WEB.COM EVER If you are considering starting a website! If you ever try to move your domain to another register, they make it impossible to do so to keep you paying for the life of your domain. They stall, delay, don’t respond to emails and reject all the valid documentation needed to transfer your domain. Their support and staff are the worst you could ever imagine!!

They will go out of their way to frustrate and dog you out beyond belief until you give up in order to hold your domain hostage such that you can’t transfer to another register in order to keep you paying for the life of your domain. They will do anything possible to keep you locked and paying them for your domain. Just look at Consumer Affairs Top 101 Reviews ( to see all the complaints. The reviews speak volumes about this way this crappy company does business.

They also charge twice the rate as nearly every other registrar companies out there. In the end, this company is the worst of the worst and I simply can’t say enough bad things about this business! Never register a domain or setup a website with this company or you’ll hate yourself later!!!

Our domain,, will likely be gone at the end of this year as we refuse to do business with this company and will never send them another dime ever!!! We will transfer our website to a new domain and have already reserved this name.

Don’t make the mistake of getting involved with REGISTER.COM or WEB.COM services or you will live to regret this as long you own a web site! This is the single biggest mistake you can make when setting up a new website!!!