The UX410 is our heavy duty 500 Series compatible rack system. Each UX410 rack holds up to ten 500 series compatible modules and is powered by a super clean external DC linear power supply. The UX410 uses a temperature-controlled fan cooling system rather than convection cooling like other designs. A low noise long life DC fan pulls cool air through the rack and across all the modules. The forced air design allows for stacking UX410 racks directly on top of each other without the need for spacer/vent panels between units in your studio gear racks. The UX410 saves you precious rack space, allows for easy module changes and all your 500 modules run cooler for a longer life.

The rear panel has XLR balanced input/output connectors and input/output 1/4″ TRS option jacks for cards that support additional I/O features.

There’s more to a good rack system than just the enclosure and connectors. A good power supply is of primary importance when choosing a 500 series rack system, and not all power supplies are created equal. We spent a good deal of time planning out the power and thermal requirements for our UX410 rack system. After seeing many 500 systems mounted in racks, most with other gear tightly packed above and below, it’s clear that heat is a big problem facing most 500 series systems. Many vendors provide little to no thermal considerations for equipment used in these environments.


The UX410 system uses a low velocity low noise fan with active temperature speed control. The fan spins at a slow speed in normal cool environments. As temperature rises, the fan speed will increase to compensate and pulls the air across all modules and out the right-hand side of the rack. Thus, it’s possible to have other gear mounted directly above and below a UX410 rack without blocking the air flow of the rack system and modules.

We test all of our UX410 rack systems and power supplies with custom dummy loads built to simulate full load conditions. Thermal testing under various conditions simulates the environments our gear will encounter when placed in a studio rack environment. The heat generated by the dummy load simulates the amount of heat that a typical module might give off in normal operating conditions.

The graph below shows the temperature rise over a two- and half-hour period with the front of the unit closed and sealed off. The front of the rack was covered and sealed with tape to simulate faceplates covering all of the front module slots. The heat from the dummy loads is closed and contained inside the rack. The fan pulls air through the rack from the left to right side of the rack. This effectively pulls air across all the modules in the rack and out the right side of the rack cage.

The UX410 achieves approximately 33.7F temperature rise over the ambient temperature in which the rack system is placed under these conditions. Thus, the UX410 will keep all your modules running significantly cooler than traditional convection cooled rack systems. This extends the life of module components by providing constant air flow across all of the modules. You’ll notice the modules in your UX410 are cool to the touch compared to fully loaded competing systems.

PSL410 Power Supply

The PSL410 power supply is one nice linear power supply, and is specifically designed for use with our UX410 rack system. The PSL410 will power ten slots of modules at 150mA each under continuous duty. The power supply also contains a temperature speed controlled fan. You’ll have to look long and hard to find a better power supply for a 500 series rack system!